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Miss Jasmine Lau
ARAD, Registered RAD Teacher, CID Member

Miss Jasmine is an RAD registered teacher and is an accredited ARAD. She started ballet at the age of 8 and was trained in Royal Academy of Dance recognised dance institution. She achieved Distinction for all levels up to Advanced 1 and was awarded Merit for Advanced 2. She holds an undergraduate degree majoring in English Studies and minoring in Translation. She furthered her academic study in English Literature. She is currently studying Master of Social Policy in The University of Melbourne. Recently, she completed the Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies offered by the Royal Academy of Dance.

She has been teaching ballet for10 years. She spent the early years of her teaching career cultivating children. She taught in Hong Kong Playground Association, Parsons Music Limited, Gravity Ballet and Jean M. Wong School of Ballet.


Miss Jasmine is a strong believer in adult students. Her passion for teaching adults grew for she saw the unbending perseverance and unexplored possibilities in adult learners. She was deeply inspired and motivated by the devotion of her adult students. She is dedicated to accompany her students along their dance journeys. She caters to every single student, empowering them to believe in themselves as she believes in them and to maximise their achievements.

In January 2018, she founded Avant Dance Studio, aspiring to create a platform for adult dancers to pursue their dreams. Her effort and enthusiasm is recognised by both local dance organisation--Ballet Backstage and world dance council--International Dance Council within UNESCO. Miss Jasmine is a member of The International Dance Council CID.

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