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Avant Dance Studio

provides a high quality progressive training programme for adult students of all levels and backgrounds. Our classes include free-syllabus training and exam drilling. 

Our classes are specifically designed for young adult and adult learners who would like to pursue their ballet dreams at any stages of their life. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds to come and share the passion with us. We offer classes of distinct levels, helping students build a solid foundation and perfect their dance techniques.

Our school is more than a well-equipped studio for passionate dancers to improve their dance skills, we also create a platform for aspiring students to expand their ability and go beyond their limits. We believe in our students and actively assist them in exploring their bodies and enhancing their ability. Every year, we encourage and invite our students to participate in both group and solo competitions. Not only does it give them an opportunity to glow on stage, it is also an eye-opening experience for them. Students dancing at ADS could take part in exam-based classes. Capable students will be nominated and enter for examinations offered by the Royal Academy of Dance. 

Perhaps ballet is something you once loved but have given up; or something you have always loved but have never begun. There are lots of reasons to keep ourselves in denial and loads of hindrances to pull ourselves back. Nonetheless, if you dare to dream and take your first step, ADS will take care of the rest for you. ADS is a great place for your to reignite your passion and explore your interest. It is a place for you to try something new and continue anew.

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