680 Sq Feet Dance Area
Our spacious dance area allows students to maximise their movements and fully immerse themselves in the joy of dance.
Sprung Floor with Harlequin marley
The well-built sprung wooden floor protects the students from injuries resulting from jumps. Its resilience and shock absorption function allows students to land safely.
We use world class vinyl flooring--Harlequin to give further protection to our student's feet.
320 Sq Feet Mirror
Our studio is equipped with a 320 square feet mirror. It enables every single student to examine their postures and perfect their moves with a closer observation.
220 Sq Feet Rest Area
We provide a cosy resting area for students to rest up and stretch out before and after taking classes.
Yamaha Amplifier
4 BMB Speakers
2 Washrooms
We have two washrooms for students to get changed.
25 Cubes Shelving Unit
Students may put their personal belongings on the shelf.
Shoes Rack
All shoes should be placed neatly on the shoes rack to keep the studio clean and tidy
Bosu Ball
Miss Jasmine is demonstrating how to use bosu ball to work on balance and strength.
Yoga Mats
Yoga mats are used in Yoga Class and Stretch and Conditioning Class
Foam Rollers
Foam rollers are in the house for students to warm up and cool down.
Stretch Band
Stretch bands are good tools for fine tuning postures, building strength and enhancing flexibility.
Yoga Blocks
There are 16 yoga blocks in the studio.
Pilates Rings
Pilates rings are used in Yoga Class and Stretch and Conditioning Class for building stamina.
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