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  • Class levels on a scale.
    Ballet Technique Classes Ballet Pointe Class RAD Classes
  • My work schedule does not allow me to take the same class every week. Could I come at different time?
    We understand that a flexible class schedule works best for adult students. Students could join any classes as long as it fits their availability and their level. Please be reminded that students should pay attention to the expiry date of their course package and use up all classes before that time.
  • Do I need to sign up for the class every time I come?
    For better class arrangement, all students need to book their classes every time. If there is no sign up 30 minutes before class start time, that class will be cancelled and notice will be posted on Facebook and Instagram. Lessons will not be deducted from your package even if you do not show up for the class booked. However, your kind notification will highly be appreciated. Online registration stays open until 30 minutes before class start time.
  • How do I pay for the course packages?
    Payment has to be completed before class through the booking system. Available options include credit card transaction, bank transfer (Bank of China) and Fast Pay System. Please visit for further details on Fast Pay System payment.
  • What should I prepare for the ballet class?
    Please bring along the following items: Leotard Tights Ballet shoes Neat and tidy hair style (Bun is preferred) If you are not yet equipped with any dancewear, you could purchase them from online and local dancewear store. Students are also welcome to wear tight sportswear for their first class yet ballet shoes are compulsory.
  • When can I take RAD exams?
    The RAD courses we offer require solid foundational and pointe techniques. Students are expected to be physically able and committed. Students with the aspiration to take any RAD courses should possess at least two years of continuous training. We do not provide courses for RAD graded examinations. Our entry-level is Intermediate Foundation.
  • When can I go en pointe?
    Pointe work requires great strength on and delicate control from our muscles and joints. Capable students will be selected by the teacher to try en pointe. You will be accompanied and guided through the procedures: pointe shoes fitting, shoes preparation, shoes breaking and pointe fundamentals. Students with 1.5 or above years of continuous ballet training could contact us and ask for advice.
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