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Bad Weather Arrangement

Students' safety is our first priority.

ALL classes will be suspended immediately when the following signals are hoisted:

  • Red Rainstorm Signal

  • Black Rainstorm Signal

  • Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above

Classes will be cancelled if any of the above signals is in force 2 hours before the class time.


Classes will resume within 2 hours after the signal is down. Students are advised to check out our Facebook Page or Instagram before leaving for the studio. You may also contact us at 9696 6117 for further details. 

Should the scheduled classes be cancelled, no session will be deducted from your package. If you are not able to finish your package due to the class suspension or cancellation, a one-day extension will be granted at no cost. 

Please be reminded that all of our instant announcements and notices are posted on our Facebook Page and Instagram simultaneously, instead of the website. Students are strongly recommended to follow our social media platforms and check out the updates regularly. 

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