Class Levels


This level is the most suitable for absolute beginners who have no experience in ballet or other types of dance. The class focuses on foundation training, enabling students to understand their bodies better, develop a better posture and build agility.


This level is a transitional stage between advanced beginners and intermediate levels. The class includes longer combinations in centre practices and supports students with detailed explanation of the transitional and travelling steps commonly practised in complicated combinations. 


Advanced beginners involves more combinations and centre practices than beginners. Students practising ballet (or other types of dance) for 1 year of regular training or more are welcome to join the class. The class also includes training on pirouette, petite allegro and medium allegro.


Intermediate classes are full lessons with barre work, adagios, pirouette, petite, medium and grand allegro, and coda. Students with ballet training for 3 years  of regular training or more are advised to take the class. It gives students a good endurance training and sharpens cognitive functions.


This pointe session is designed for ballet beginners with 1 year of training. It helps strengthen the ankles and arch, allowing students to get better balance and build muscles.



RAD courses are exam-based classes. Students mainly work on syllabus in the class, which includes barre work, centre practices, a focused dance and pointe work. All students are welcome to join the class but students taking the exam must have at least 2 years of regular and intensive training in ballet.


Flexibility is not a prerequisite for ballet. It can be acquired through practice. The class requires no experience in dance or yoga. Students will be guided through a series of exercises; together they help students build lean muscles and enhance their flexibility.


Variation is a solo dance. In this class, students will learn the steps of the variations commonly performed in famous ballet shows. We will first learn the simplified movements with soft shoes first. This class is suitable for students from advanced beginners or above.


Our yoga class enables students to explore their bodies and expand their capability. The class is good for fine tuning the muscles and building strength. Students with or without prior experience in yoga are both welcome to join the class. Our instructor goes through the poses and moves in details, allowing students to digest the poses with ease.

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