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Class Resumption and New Timetable


Finally the restrictions are lifted! We will welcome the resumption of classes with a new schedule, exam courses and supplementary training classes.

Michelle Cheng will be taking over the Monday evening sessions. In her Stretch and Conditioning class, she will share with us her professional knowledge in dance anatomy so as to further expand our students' capacity and potential. It is followed by a new Advanced Beginners class, which is suitable for experienced students with a solid foundation.

A new technique class focusing on pirouette training is scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This session is designed for students who either lack confidence in pirouette or are confused with the key components, such as weight placement, transfer of weight, postures and coordination. The class covers the basics and clarify some of the most frustrating concepts, such as the differentiation between en decors and en dedans, and that between pique turns and lame duck, just to name a few. The class will be taught by Jasmine on Tuesdays and Michelle on Wednesdays.

There are two new RAD courses, namely Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate. The former course has two regular classes, one scheduled on Wednesday and the other on Saturday. Students who are interested in taking the exam must commit fully and achieve full attendance as far as possible. Jasmine is a registered RAD teacher and an ARAD. She is devoted to helping aspiring students to lay a solid foundation and assist them through the journey.

One more Stretch and Conditioning class is open on Fridays. The Friday session will be taught by Jasmine. We hope that different physique and flexibility training from various teachers would give students more insights into the control and use of body.

We have another new Complete Beginners Pointe coming up. It is scheduled on Saturdays from 10.45am to 11.30am. Similar to our previous Complete Beginners Pointe, students will be introduced to pointe shoes and guided through the important fundamentals of pointe work. Your progress will be carefully and attentively monitored. Jasmine will be contacting potential students for shoes fitting. If you’re interested in joining, please contact Jasmine for her advice.

Last but not least, Michelle Cheng will be teaching Intermediate class on Saturdays. Students who are attending RAD Advanced Foundation or above are welcome to take this class and learn how to polish your movements while maintaining a high level of accuracy and clarity. Besides, the class offers you exciting weekly challenges to push your limits and sharpen your skills. Practising with a professional dancer is too valuable an opportunity to miss!


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