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Measures against Covid-19

Our studio facilities and equipments are cleaned and sanitised every day

Keep your hands clean

All students are required to keep your hands clean. Please rub your hands with alcohol-based sanitiser provided by the studio after taking off your shoes and before entering the studio. 

Wearing Masks

All teachers wear masks for classes. Masks are optional during class time for students, yet students are highly recommended to wear masks for all time for your own safety.


Students with fever, cough, breathing difficulty or sore throat will not be allowed to take classes. Please be considerate.

Sign Up for Classes

For better class arrangement, all students are required to sign up for classes at least one day in advance. Class will not be on if no one signs up for the class. You could cancel your booking at no cost anytime. Please kindly let Miss Jasmine know, either through the website or texting, in case you cannot attend the class booked.

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